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Going into Battle Against the “F” word (Yes, it takes a Brave heart)!

If you’ve settled for “fine” quit reading now.  If good is good enough, bye Felicia.

If you’re comfortable with good feedback, good satisfaction scores and good employee morale save yourself time and switch to some mindless social media skimming.  Check out photos of all your friends’ dates/dinners/darling children who are all ‘just fine’.

Now, for the rest of you brave hearts, this post is a follow-up to my rant on the F-word (“Fine”) and starts the wheels turning on how we go from good to Great to WOW experiences in our organizations.

Since you’re still reading, by simple deduction I know a few things about you:  

  • First, you’re very smart and curious – You’ve continued picking up what I’m laying down here for this hot topic
  • I know you’re not lazy or complacent – No “f” word or status quo for you
  • We’re most likely in the same Tribe  – Like me, you believe we can beat drums to eradicate “fine” experiences in our businesses, organizations and communities
  • So therefore, and maybe most importantly – You’re brave!  It takes some real nerve to admit things need to go from good to Great to WOW

All of us professionals with some fire-in-the-belly realize we are not perfect and continuously seek ways to improve.  It must start with that fire, but then the bravery needs to kick in.  Bravery from the heart to say it out loud, to not take it personally when critiqued and a willingness to admit settling for good is not enough.

How do we find bravery?

Football coaching legend, Vince Lombardi, challenged us all by noting, “Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.” In sport, business and in life we’re not perfect but in a sincere and purposeful pursuit of it we will achieve heights once unimaginable. Once bravery is unleashed, then a drive to find excellence in a chase for perfection is readily achievable.  Bravery is saying “Yes”.  Bravery is progress, not perfection.


Bravery is progress, not perfection.


A lot happens in the margins between hoping to be better and arriving at excellence.  It doesn’t happen by accident, it happens by design.  Be brave and commit to excellence!


In partnership with brave organizations ready for a commitment to excellence, I’ve assisted in creating experiences to surprise and delight, engage and excite, or comfort and nurture – all by design.   Contact me to learn how to create experiences to get from good to Great to WOW!

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