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Taking your organization from good to great to WOW!

People! Enough with the ‘ F’ word…

I’m done with the ‘F’ word.

Eradicating it from my vocabulary. No mas. It’s a dirty word, after all.


“How was your stay?” – Fine.

“How is your meal tasting?” – Fine.

“How are you feeling?” – Fine.

Fine? That’s it? How boring. I’m doin’ just fine. Just fine? What is that masking? Just enough to get by… Pass the soap so I can wash your mouth out!

Fine is a reflection of status quo mindset. Another phrase for good, and we’ve learned good is the enemy of great. So fine is good, but not great, and definitely not wow, fabulous, amazing or exceptional.

If this is your customer, guest, patient, friend, spouse answering the questions are you settling for “fine”?


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Working with organizations in customer engagement and service excellence I find f-bombs dropped on a regular basis. Our service scores are fine and customers keep returning, so what’s the problem?  We pass our colleagues in the hallway, ask, “How are you doing?” hardly waiting for the answer we hear, “Fine”, and keep walking.

The problem is once we settle for fine (good) we are not striving for greatness. No expectations are exceeded and service will never be excellent, much less legendary, in this status quo environment.

Settling for fine is easy. Why cast a light on any issues and create more work when things are “just fine”?  If this is your strategy, it’s pure laziness.   

In my estimation, customers are not becoming less discriminating in their tastes and expectations of differentiated experiences and service excellence are higher than ever before.  

And we expect all the above to happen very quickly, like finding our desired answer above the fold on the first Google search page or in the speed of a swipe right.

If I walk into your medical practice today, my minimum expectation is that you do your best to fix what ails me (or more likely in my case, properly suture my latest goofball, klutzy accidental wound).  What are you doing to show me you care that I selected your practice and trusted you with my needs? What is my first impression when I walk in the door?   An uninterested, unengaged receptionist on Facebook and a waiting room as clean as the greyhound station?

Checking into your hotel, she’s tired from a long day of delayed flights and dragging, well everything, but most noticeably a toddler and too much luggage. Mr. General Manager, can you be bothered to slow down from the task list to engage the child with a coloring book or toy just long enough for mom to dig out her wallet and reclaim her sanity?

In these examples, I’m likely to have good experience at the Dr’s office as long as I’m healed and Mom is likely to check-in and enjoy a good stay without the cute toy to save the day, but without any extra effort placed on the experience or attention to details that surprise and delight we will never take our organizations from good to Great to WOW.

Want to stop dropping the ‘F’ bomb? I’ll share tactics in my next post, but meanwhile feel inspired and decide to quit having “just fine” days.  Then make a commitment to engage in a transformation from good to Great to WOW experiences.  Let me join you on the journey!

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